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Fadel is a Montreal based DJ and Producer known for his trippy, groovy and well-crafted blend of melodic and percussive House beats. His eclectic production style revolves around a deep & organic adventure of ever-changing grooves and infectious melodies.

With his trademark style of Jazz infused / Organic electronic music combined with more than 15 years as a live percussionist, Fadel has rapidly made a name for himself in the Montreal Electronic Music scene through his numerous releases on the infamous Canadian imprint Mile End Records as one of the rising talents & producers being remixed by Darius Syrossian, Paolo Rocco, Maximiljan to name a few. in 2014 Fadel has released on DV8 Music alongside artists like Danny Howells, Daniel Dubb, Maher Daniel & has recently joined Jesus Pablo’s deep house record label Different Attitudes and has some a forthcoming releases on the infamous Escapism Musique to name a few more. When not regularly playing at venues in Montreal or producing in his tiny studio, Fadel is on the quest of expanding the interactivity of live Organic/Electronic instruments with a DJ set to bring to life an unconventional, researched rich performance which takes people on a musical journey.